The path traveled by this pair of Portuguese producers (ACASO / DAMASTET), is the fusion between minimalism and dense production, wandering through universes of sun and shadow. DELTA CLUB combines the experience of more than two decades, either producing or playing together, with an extensive experience, integrating several bands or even solo, through jazz lines, pop, pure heavy metal or electronic music.

Incredibly just now here they are with their first record.

DELTA CLUB reveals appreciable textures for chill-out environments, which can evolve into psychedelic trance, not to mention the film scoring, or new trends traced from the contemporary to the experimental noise.

It will not be difficult to listen to countless ethnic instruments, or to find the collaboration of voices of undeniable beauty, rescuing the roots.

Always with the theme of the interior journey as an objective and with messages designed to be subliminally deep to act at the subconscious level, the songs are intended to be danceable and liberating in some cases, but in others only disincentives, in order for the listener to allow himself to travel safely to new dimensions of his soul.

That’s the artistic propose of them, who are also the founders of the HYPNOTIC DANCE SESSIONS MOVEMENT as therapists.

The DELTA CLUB STUDIOS are located near Lisbon – Portugal, and are specialized in music, orchestration, arrangements, mixing and production for film scoring, games, and trailers.